St. Barbs Morris Marshall Development Centre

St. Barbs Morris Marshall Development Centre

In 2014 WAND provided the funding to re-establish the MMDF’s Summer Camp for 35 children aged 5-13, in which children came each day and liaising with counselors and parents were coached in matters of discipline and deportment. The Summer Camp tutored children in Relationship Building, provided Remedial Instruction, Craft and Culture, Life Skill and a family Field Trip to the Emperor Valley Zoo and Hollows. At the end of the Camp a Graduation ceremony was held on August 17, 2014 with an outpouring of gratitude and an expressed hope that the Centre could continue to provide these Programmes on an on-going basis.

In 2015 building on the positive experience of the 2014 Summer Camp, the Centre which was in dire need of refurbishment was repaired.

WAND with the generous financial and in-kind support of our many Donors successfully mobilized the funds needed to refurbish the Centre. We thank the High Commission for Canada in Trinidad and Tobago, The TSL Group, Republic Bank Limited, Co-rd Ltd (the Project Architect), Mr Colin Alleyne (the Project Contractor), all other donors and those who wish to remain anonymous for making this Project possible.

On May 02, 2015 WAND and MMDF were pleased to host the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Programme) of the newly refurbished MM Development Centre.

The Centre re-opened its doors to the communities’ youth on Monday May 04, 2015 for the After School Assistance Programme, Remedial Instruction, Relationship Building, Life Skills Instruction, Craft and Culture.

Women in Action for the Needy and Destitute thank our supporters and extend our heartfelt best wishes to the St Barbs Community and the MMDF for success. We remain committed.


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