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Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago

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Project Recipients


Living Waters
Our Community has a vibrant ministry to the poor in Trinidad – the physically poor and the spiritually poor. In a world where the illiterate, hungry, homeless and destitute spill on to our streets every day, we see the need for basic care, nourishment and self-development programmes managed in an efficient, cost-effective manner. All of this is made possible through the generosity of those who support us by Deeds of Covenant, Donations, Charitable Foundations, Legacies, Fundraising and, of course, our many satisfied customers who visit our Bookstore and Coffee Shop.

Every day we are making our dreams a reality, for Frederick Street is more than a facility to many of us, it is the heart of Living Water and it is the staff of dedicated volunteers that make it a home away from home.

Eternal Light Community

Morris Marshall Development Foundation

The goal of deceased politician Morris Marshall was to empower Laventille through education, and since 1991 the Morris Marshall Development Foundation has been offering programmes to residents of the community.

Since September 2002, Laventille Education Accelerated Programme (Leap) education and vocational skills classes have been run by the Morris Marshall Development Foundation at the Morris Marshall Centre on St Barb’s Road. Apart from the Leap initiative, the foundation hosts a non-traditional skills programme for women and computer literacy courses. The Foundation focuses on education as a vehicle for transformation for those who could not afford the cost of accessing secondary and tertiary levels.

All in One

Educator, Wayne Jordan, better known as Teacher Wayne, founder of the All In One Child Development Centre, a preschool in Beetham Gardens’ Phase Five, convening evening classes at All In One for youths whose parents kept them at home to look after younger siblings while they were out working, persons in their early teens who had been denied educational opportunities in their earlier years were now able to access education.

Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery
Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery, previously called Phillips Children’s Home and Nursery School is an incorporated not for profit company which has continued the operation of a private children’s home at Camden, Couva.

The home had been started by Mrs Albertina Phillips more than 30 years ago for children who have been abandoned, displaced, orphaned, unable to be cared for by their parents or otherwise been subject to extreme and harsh social circumstances.

Today, in addition to being a children’s residence, the home also acts as a safe haven or rescue care centre for children who have to be removed from situations of neglect, domestic violence and abuse.

Patna-Riverside Police Youth Club

The Community Policing Secretariat, under which the Police Youth Club resides, is a community effort between law enforcement and the community, which identifies problems of concerns to communities and work toward finding solutions to those problems. It is the community police officers and the community working together to help solve mutually defined problems through a deliberate effort aimed at reducing crime, violence, fear, insecurity and community decay.

Its roles in the community are as follows; Lecture schools, (elementary, secondary, vocational) Parent Teacher’s Association, Youth Groups, Neighborhood Watch Groups and Public and Private Sector Organizations on Crime Prevention with matters incidental to the Domestic Violence Act, Display Booths-Career Guidance, Youth Club Counseling, mediating, Annual Church Service Military Funeral, Town Meetings, Sport and Culture . Any social function in which the unit has an integral role to play.