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Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery


Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young – (Aristotle)

WAND is proud to contribute to the development of music education at the Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery (CCHCN).

Couva Children’s Home and Crisis Nursery (previously called Phillips Children’s Home and Nursery School) is an incorporated not for profit company which has continued the operation of a private children’s home at Camden, Couva. The home had been started by Mrs Albertina Phillips more than 30 years ago for children who have been abandoned, displaced, orphaned, unable to be cared for by their parents or otherwise been subject to extreme and harsh social circumstances. Today, in addition to being a children’s residence, the home also acts as a safe haven or rescue care centre for children who have to be removed from situations of neglect, domestic violence and abuse.

WAND is happy that the new board, under the astute leadership of Ms Beverley John, adopted as its specific focus, the development and implementation of governance and accountability systems at the home, so as to ensure the conduct of all its operations with full transparency. In addition, this well run facility also focuses on implementing social development and remedial programmes for its children. At present the home houses twenty-two children of varying ages but this number fluctuates from time to time.

The Mission of CCHCN is “To provide a safe and secure home environment for children who have been abused, abandoned or socially challenged and thereby provide them with the wherewithal to achieve their full potential to the good of society”.

The administration and the Board of the CCHCH have also recognized that to successfully fulfill their mission they must not only attend to the children’s physical needs but must also treat with their emotional needs. Like WAND, they passionately believe that no child should be deprived of an education, including music education. Indeed, the benefits of music education are many.

Research has shown that aside from the sheer pleasure of playing, music stimulates and shapes the brain, helps to develop well-rounded individuals, allows self-expression, improves discipline, curbs emotional outbursts, expands positive problem-solving skills, develops memory skills and increases self-confidence and self-esteem. The expected outcomes from this project are therefore extremely exciting!

The children can now play tunes on our national instrument – the steel pan – and are rapidly becoming musically literate – They now read from score sheets! It was WAND’s pleasure, therefore, to contribute to the construction of the music room and to provide the instruments and tuition for this worthwhile music programme.

Heartiest congratulations to the Board, Management and children of the CCHCN! Keep up the good work!

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