Anna Bonnin

A career Flight Attendant for American Airlines, Anna and a colleague based at JFK (New York) founded the group ‘WINGS’ in 1979 as a Sunshine Fund for fellow out of work Flight Attendants in need of financial and moral support. Over the years WINGS has been successful replicated by other bases and grown to more than 20,000 members.

Joining the American Women’s Club (Trinidad and Tobago) in 1983 Anna served in various capacities; President, Vice President and on the Service Committee.

From 1986 until 2003, her volunteer work extended to the Christ Child Convalescent Home (Diego Martin) and later at St. Michael’s Home for Boys (Diego Martin), during this period she also formed a small group for support to women with breast cancer.

In 2002 while serving on the Board of Home, a charity working locally with Habitat for Humanity to help provide housing for the needy, she joined WAND and the two Boards merged under WAND.

Resilient and steadfast Anna is a pillar of strength and dedication to getting the job done.